Nima Zarrabi

Nima Zarrabi has been guiding the careers of athletes in the sports agency business for 12 years. His diverse background in the world of sports enables him to provide valuable insight and analysis, helping aid in the development of REP1 clients.

For REP1, Nima holds the position of Director of Marketing, Public Relations and New Media. Exceptionally creative and detail-orientated, Nima understands how to generate publicity and raise a client’s profile in a positive way, leading to quality endorsement opportunities. His focus on journalism and social media has helped educate countless clients on the New Media landscape.

A charismatic individual with genuine interests in fashion, art and entertainment, Nima has built strong relationships with REP1 clients throughout the arc of their careers, bonds that go beyond business, establishing deep friendships that standout within the industry. He began a career in journalism while still in college, writing for entities such as The Associated Press, Seattle Post-Intelligencer and SLAM Magazine, where he later became a Senior Writer. Upon graduation, he began his career in sports marketing when he moved to Los Angeles to work for Shaquille O’Neal’s footwear and apparel company, Dunk. Nima spent 4 years with Tollner, Moon & Steinberg prior to joining REP 1 in 2006. He has a genuine passion for football and basketball, and is well versed in pre-draft preparation and managing the transition from college to pro. His expertise includes media training and NFL combine prep for all REP1 athletes.

An active weekend warrior, Nima enjoys pick-up basketball, weight-training and the hunt for sneakers during his free time. He lives in Newport Beach, CA.

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